The Bad Mood – Spitalfields Summer Music Festival

The Bad Mood, at Spitalfields Summer Music Festival on Sunday 7th June, looks like it will be of great interest to young music service users and their families. Free tickets are available for Tower Hamlets residents.

The Bad Mood is the second of TROUPE’s family concert series If a tree falls in the forest. It tells the story of HQ, a sonic nerve centre operated by a diligent team of workers. HQ sends and receives sound signals like clockwork, maintaining perfect order on the Grid – until one day, a Bad Mood arrives and threatens to wreak havoc on the system.

Exploring ideas around empathy and resilience, HQ and the audience try to cope with the Bad Mood every which way they can, from soothing to arguing and – ultimately – to dancing it off. Each stage is represented by a piece of classical music, including pieces by Ravel, Cage and Bach.

The Bad Mood begins with the audience (ages 7+) making their own sonic signal receivers in a workshop led by Ruth Paton, a theatre designer and installation artist who specializes in making work for and with children and young people.

The production is part of this year’s Spitalfields Summer Music Festival, and will be performed on Sunday 7th June, 12.30 (workshop beings at noon) at east London’s Rich Mix.

More information on our website, and free tickets are available for Tower Hamlets residents:

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